My Thousand-Mile Christmas

Well, 1006 miles to be precise ~ 5 days round trip, down south and back again….

Christmas is often about family and mine are scattered.  Stayed with family in deepest Sussex and each morning over Christmas drove around the M23, London Orbital M25 and A3 to deepest Surrey, taking my mother to visit my father, and then in the afternoon drove all the way back again. 60 miles each way.  How I LOVE the M25!  Actually on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day it was just about empty.  Only us on it.

In fact, we managed to avoid serious traffic jams until yesterday coming back up north – which more than made up for the rest of the holidays put together – M40, M42 and M6 all at snail’s pace for most or all of the day, groan groan.  3 whole long extra hours of stop-start the whole way.  Truly the stuff of nightmares.  Ah, such great memories, ha ha, not! In fact the only motorway with no traffic jam was the M25, what a surprise!

And in-between times, I took a few photos of Christmas decorations, food, and well, come to think of it, that’s about it, decorations and er, food.  No photos of people, sorry about that.  The food’ll make up for the lack of people, it was delicious, truly delish.

Sooooo delicious and soooooo much fun ~ thanks to all the family for their wonderful hospitality and welcome….

And today? Well I’m so happy not to be on any motorway, holding a steering wheel or pressing any pedals!

Christmas seasonal greetings to you all!

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