A whole day in London on a gloriously sunny but freezing cold winter day – with my uncle, starting with, well ~ the Lyle’s Golden Syrup Machine at Victoria Station!  Free porridge was on offer, and when you stand in front of the golden syrup machine and SMILE (yes smile, honest!) the golden syrup comes down on the porridge, and yep it works!

And then onto Westminster R. C. Cathedral, Byzantine style, quite dark and sombre inside, but also full of beautiful mosaics….

And then along the river downstream and what a trip it was!  Sun and blue sky all day, and a biting cold wind, but so beautiful!

And so to Canary Wharf, bustling new financial centre of London ~ skyscrapers galore, UP is the place to look!  My first time there (just where have I been all these years? Just how could I have missed soooooo much?!)…..

The Museum of London Docklands is right there at Canary Wharf and is brilliant, I learned loads, but as always, not enough time.  Do go ~ it’s really good!  And it’s free. Makes all the difference!

And so back to the City of London to check out the area especially the new Walkie-Talkie Building ~ wonderful reflections of the church!

Such a great day ~ I LOVE LONDON!

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