Yep, I really love London!

Ah, London ~ yes, I love it!

IMG_1297Met up with one of my lovely former pupils today, Eshita ~ who I taught at Isamilo School, Mwanza, Tanzania, many years ago when she was just 5…. and now she’s doing all sorts of wonderful things along the line of job coaching and training support for students with learning disabilities in London.  She herself is partially sighted and a great inspiration for her students – and for me too!

We spent the day in central London on a Walk 4 Life Walk covering the ‘Real West End’, Soho, Chinatown and Covent Garden, all free – and we went everywhere!  Places you’d never know even existed, but oh so interesting.  And soooooo sunny ~ but brrrr, so freezing cold!  Finished with a walk around Trafalgar Square (where we found a wedding proposal taking place – what a happy couple!), Buckingham Palace and Victoria…

And in-between we had lunch at Dishoom Restaurant, full of delicious Indian food, with long queues out and round the corner. And the afternoon would not have been complete without some genuine Taiwanese Pearl Milk Tea from Chinatown, full of ice.  Frozen but yummy, and Eshita was fascinated with the machine that seals the plastic cover on the paper cup!

A great day, great weather, great walk, great food and drink, and great company ~ thank you Eshita!

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