Moving on…

The week of The Great Move (note the capitals!) is over, all accomplished!  My mother is safely installed in her new place, all 50 boxes and packages unpacked, kitchen full of food, registration done at the local health centre, new address registered at the local bank, and milk ordered from the local dairy.  And that last one was the surprise of the week.  Milk ordered at the local dairy involves phoning a number and setting up a delivery account. All done not somewhere in deepest southern England – but, drum roll here…. in the Philippines, no less.  Manila to be precise. Relatively speaking not so far from Taiwan, and of course one of my favourite places in the whole world.  But definitely not a place I expected to end up ordering milk for home delivery in ye olde rural England. Ha ha, truly a global world!

Now moving on, eastwards in fact ~ and yesterday that involved many happy hours sitting on the M25, the London Orbital Motorway. Friday afternoon on the M25.  Just don’t do it! Journey should have taken 90 minutes, but well, has any day on the M25 ever been without a traffic jam somewhere sometime?  Ah happy days, it took an extra 90 minutes just queuing to get through the Dartford Tunnel. So, plenty of time for photos….


And so back to East Anglia for another CMS Link Visit weekend, yippee!

2 thoughts on “Moving on…”

  1. Pleased to hear Sheila is safely installed and everything in place, you must have worked hard. There is an empty void in Guldrey and St Andrew’s where Mum and Dad used to be. However, good they are in a good place, and all is well. Safe travels to you Catherine.

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