CMS Link Visit to Hurworth, Co. Durham


Right on the north bank of the River Tees, on the border between Co. Durham and N. Yorkshire, sits the rather lovely village of Hurworth-on-Tees ~ stretching out along a long winding road that seems to go on forever!  Charming cottages lie on one side of the road, great big imposing houses line the other side, with the village green covered in daffodils, and the churchyard full of yellow primroses.  It’s beautiful!

At one end of the village green is Hurworth Methodist Church @ Clervaux Café, THE place to have coffee and cake during the week, including Saturdays…. lovely atmosphere and a great vision.  At the other end of the village green is All Saints Church, Hurworth.  They’ve been supporting CMS and me for many years, ever since the days when Rev. Roy Graham was vicar, and continued under Rev. Michelle Ferguson. who was from Heighington, and a good friend – like everyone in Hurworth!

So I’ve been in Hurworth visiting the church this weekend, though sadly never got a chance to meet the present vicar Rev. Adele Martin as she’d had to rush away to take care of her father at the other end of the country, but it was good to meet her husband, John – Adele arrived in Hurworth just after my last visit 4 years ago.  Instead, Lay Reader Paul Mallett led the service ~ he’s so lovely, so calm and laid-back ~ and he and the choir were all there in splendid blue, singing their hearts out at the front.

One member of the Hurworth congregation even works in Taipei, in fact he’s there now ~ ah, it’s a small world!  Another comes from Sedbergh, so I know his family there.  Many in the congregation keep in regular touch, so of course have become very good friends over the years.

So, morning service yesterday, then coffee and a faith lunch, and finally my power point of Taiwan, and all over by 12:30pm – I’ve never spoken so fast ha ha!

Many thanks to Jill and Bill for a wonderful stay and delicious meals galore with Hurworth friends on the 2 evenings, and to all the congregation for prayer and support over the years. Thanks to everyone for a great welcome ~ and special thanks to the Sunday School for gathering together for a unique photo of us all!


And y’know, this is my last CMS Link Church Visit for this UK Home Leave ~ Taiwan is calling ~ getting ready for departure!

11 thoughts on “CMS Link Visit to Hurworth, Co. Durham”

  1. Hi Catherine, Penny fFler here from Beccles so nice to see you in God’s own country. I know this village very well indeed, and am from a small mining village near Durham City, not a thousand miles from where you are. Have a brilliant journey back. It was so good to see you. We will try to send Keith Wragg over to visit with you soon. Much love, Penny filer

  2. Hello Catherine- following your movements with interest! I think I may have trained with Adele at Cranmer? it was lovely to have you with us, and now to see you back in county Durham. God speed and many blessings as you return to Taipei XXX

  3. Hullo.Catherine/what a tour you have had.Praying for you in your return to Taiwan God bless you and hope this email reaches you/Love Ruth


  4. Catherine, you always talk that fast! Lovely to see you and hear about Taiwan as always. I think I could probably settle well into a culture that is always thinking about food…

  5. Hello Catherine

    I have enjoyed following you up and down the country and finally Hurworth.

    You have certainly taken some beautiful photos on your travels .You will be showing them to your friends in Taiwan for many months to come. You are much in my prayers and pray God’s blessing on you as you journey back to Taiwan.It was so good to see you and to share my home with you. May you have a safe journey. I trust you are leaving your parents in a much happier situation than when you arrived. Give them my love.

    Keep in touch.

    Much love

    Lilian x


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