Advent Church celebrates Mother’s Day!


Yes we had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday, with a special song from our Advent Church choir ~ and then more special songs and dances from one of our groups who are mostly not church members but meet for singing and dancing on a Sunday afternoon, a kind of outreach ministry of Advent Church.  They perform for us several times a year, always beautifully attired, this time Hawaiian style!

Carnations are THE flower for Mother’s Day, so the Sunday School children were kept very busy distributing them all….

And finally all the mothers in the church gathered for a big group photo!


Celebrations have been ongoing for weeks, restaurants are full of large family groups, mothers receive nice fat red envelopes and gifts galore, the flower shops are overflowing with business, and plenty of sweet words are spoken and received, no wonder everyone’s smiling ~ Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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