St. John’s University Farewells Retiring Faculty and Staff 歡送退休人員聚會!

Today St. John’s University said farewell to 6 faculty and staff who are retiring at the end of this academic year, next month in fact ~ and many of them looking far too young to retire!  But several have been here for 25 years, and all are full of plans for what they’re going to do next….

Actually one of them couldn’t come today, but the other 5 were all here – plus about 100 present (and just-retired) faculty and staff, including President Chen Jean-Lien – all here saying goodbye, laden with gifts and flowers!  The whole event was held in Advent Church and organized jointly by the SJU Chaplaincy and SJU Personnel Department.

There were speeches, presentations, songs from the SJU Student Fellowship, a prayer of blessing from our chaplain, and all followed by a yummy lunch…

Lots and lots of congratulations to all those retiring this semester ~ we will miss you all, but we wish you well ~ and do come back and visit us often!

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