Typhoon Day!

A few days ago the weather maps were showing a row of 3 typhoons all in a line, all in the western Pacific, and all heading in our direction.  The first one, Lin-fa skirted the southern tip of Taiwan a few days ago, and now the second, Chan-Hom is skirting the northern tip of Taiwan.   This map is what it all looks like ~ courtesy of the Taiwan Government Central Weather Bureau.   The third one is actually supposed to head north towards Japan instead of west towards us, but anything is possible in the world of typhoons!

sup-2015-07-10-14-00Chan-Hom is big, but quite far away and quite unpredictable – and just to be on the safe side, northern Taiwan is having a day off, the first Typhoon Day of the season.

Actually so far so good, it’s been typical typhoon weather, big bursts of strong winds and rain, then it all quietens down until another big burst comes along.

There being no safer place in a typhoon than home, that is where I am.  Enjoying the bit cooler temperatures!

A very interesting website showing the typhoon winds is: https://www.windyty.com – it’s all roaring around here!

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