Typhoon Soudelor on it’s way…

Typhoon Soudelor is fast approaching, the strongest typhoon of the year so far.   Moving fast in our direction.  Having wreaked havoc in Saipan a few days ago, it’s now heading for a direct hit on Taiwan early tomorrow morning before heading to Mainland China….

Actually today has been quite quiet so far up here in the far north of Taiwan, breezy with showers, but big winds and torrential rains expected to start this evening….

The day before a typhoon is often beautiful, with clear blue skies and a glorious sunset. And yesterday was just like that!

This was the beach at Baishawan looking towards the lighthouse at the northern tip of Taiwan…


And the sunset looking in the other direction….


Meanwhile back in Taipei City, at least this temple was on standby yesterday – it can be raised up above the floods as and when necessary…


For current information about the typhoon, try this article….

Taiwan braces for arrival of powerful Typhoon Soudelor – Al Jazeera English

And please do pray for Taiwan and China over this weekend….

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