Nietzsche ~ and his words of wisdom?

Nearing the end of 4 weeks English Bible Summer Camp at Good Shepherd Church, Taipei.  We’ve been through the first 5 chapters of Matthew’s Gospel and, well, had a great time, in-between typhoons that is….

wpid-img_20150818_095643_1439889429708.jpgSo I couldn’t help but smile when one of my 9-year-olds turned up earlier in the week in this T-shirt….

As is well known, Nietzsche was not exactly famous for his love of the Bible, not exactly the sort of person who would send his children to a Bible Summer Camp, and as for the English part of it all…. well, who knows?

And guess what? The child who wore this T-shirt has not been at school since that day, hoping it’s cos he’s on holiday rather than any of the reasons given on the T-shirt…

“What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” ~ words to ponder for all teachers on English Bible Summer Camps!

And guess what too? Another typhoon’s brewing out there in the Pacific Ocean, well 2 to be precise, one heading here, one to Japan, possibly an exciting weekend ahead….

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