Learning English Jenga-style…

‘Relaxed English’ as a title for my student class is a bit of a misnomer, as those 2 words do not naturally really go together ~ so Jenga to the rescue!

The class is run through St. John’s University Chaplaincy, held in Advent Church and open to any of our students, but especially the first-years ~ ‘n this semester we have a great group of 12-15, mostly boys, and including several from Hong Kong and Malaysia….

Anyway, Jenga is a good way to take the focus off the English ~ and so it was last night that the students got so nervous and worried about knocking over the Jenga Tower that the sentence of English that they had to speak when they removed a brick became no stress at all, at all, at all!

And as each sentence had to contain at least 2 items of information to introduce a member of their family, so we learned a lot too…..

Just look at that concentration ~ so intense!

And the Tower stayed upright for 3 complete rounds ~ so everyone got to say 3 whole sentences of English ~ YES!

Prayers appreciated for this class and all the outreach activities of the SJU Chaplaincy ~ and for friendships made and for interest in faith to be kindled….

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