Congratulations Mo-Huan, again!

In July last year, as reported in my blog post here, we gathered to congratulate one of our former students, and son of one of our church members, Mo-Huan, on his successful admission to Police College ~ after a long year of studying English with me, Maths with Rev. Lennon Chang, and generally getting up to scratch for the Police Entrance Exam, with encouragement from our church members, former police officer Ming-Chuan and his wife, Meng-Jen.  After a lot of hard work, Mo-Huan got the required grade, yippee! And we had a great dinner to celebrate, hosted by his mother.

And then off I set to the UK….

Now it’s 15 months later and Mo-Huan is in his second year of police training.  And also in the past 15 months, Mo-Huan has been baptized in Advent Church, got engaged and married, and now his wife has just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl. Yesterday was their first time in church since the baby was born at the end of August YES!

So photos and blessings all round!IMG_6888

And we got to eat the special one-month-
celebration lunch, provided by the family ~ sticky rice, chicken and eggs. Sometimes the eggs are dyed pink and sometimes not. We’re always happy whatever, and it was very yummy!

Congratulations Mo-Huan and his lovely family – please pray for him and his wife, and their lovely baby daughter!

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