Taiwan’s 2015 Typhoon Season Draws to a Close…..

A few days ago, Taiwan was getting worried that Typhoon Koppu (which has had a devastating effect on the northern Philippines over the last few days) would be heading towards Taiwan next.  But we are mightily relieved that the typhoon has weakened considerably and with the cooler autumn temperatures further north here in Taiwan, thankfully it’s unlikely that we’ll have any more serious typhoons this season….

So as Taiwan’s 2015 Typhoon Season draws to a close at the end of this month, I was reminded of past years and past typhoons when I passed through Taipei Main Station yesterday afternoon….  wpid-img_20151022_153939_1445565363765.jpg

There at Level B3 (so 3 floors below street level) on my way to Level B4 to catch the MRT Metro to Tamsui, is the Flood Depth Record Marker for Typhoon Nari on September 17, 2001.  In that typhoon, almost 100 people were killed, and there was widespread flooding throughout Taipei, with major economic losses….

Time to pause, remember, and give thanks for God’s mercy, protection and safe-keeping….

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