Humming round Taipei in a Humvee?

Most Thursdays off I go to the diocesan office in Taipei ~ and en route there or back I often find myself passing by some of Taipei’s more famous buildings.

Yesterday afternoon took me past the Sheraton Hotel, strategically located right in the middle of the area housing many of the main government ministry buildings – so also centrally located to observe all protests, demonstrations, occupations and of course VIP events.

Turned out that yesterday the hub of activity around the Sheraton Hotel was for the visit of President Ma Ying-Jeou.  Outside was parked a super-shiny silver Humvee.  Kinda unexpected in downtown Taipei!


Who needs a Rolls Royce or BMW when you can travel round Taipei in a Humvee eh?  A cool way to arrive for afternoon tea at the Sheraton!

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