Taiwan Elections ~ coming soon!

Taiwan is gearing up for presidential and legislative elections on January 16, 2016, so the next few months promises to be a very lively time indeed.  Campaigning is in full swing. Loud speaker vans roam the streets, campaign billboards are up all over.  One thing’s for sure, Taiwan elections are never boring and never quiet!

Freedom of Speech is of course a greatly valued right in any democratic society, and Taiwan people make the most of it.  This was the scene on the footbridge in central Taipei yesterday, looking towards the Control Yuan ~ one man with a loudhailer letting his thoughts be known about the recent announcement that President Ma and President Xi would meet this weekend….


While in the other direction towards Taipei Main Station, this was the view….


Ah Taipei ~ on a sunny day, quite impressive!

Please spare us a prayer for the elections – and of course the whole political scene…..

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