Advent Word Global Advent Calendar

Day 9: #be #存在 Monday December 7

‘Contentment is more about being than about doing, or acquiring, or mastering, or craving, or searching. Contentment is about being satisfied given the limitations of our present life’.



And now for the verb ‘to be’ ~ ‘I am, you are, he /she is, we are, they are, everyone is, all are’… here at ‪‎TanShirt‬ Workshop English Class, outreach of ‪‎Advent Church‬…

Day 10: #surprise #驚訝 Tuesday December 8

‘This season of Advent invites us to look and listen for Jesus. Look and listen for the unexpected’.



Taken outside the National Theater, Taipei!

Day 11: #ask #要求 Wednesday December 9

‘Waiting is a time to prepare the way of the Lord. It is a time to look at our feet, to see where we are, and to be present there. It is a time to examine our lives: to ask ourselves what we want, what we hope for, what we may need to let go of, and to take it to God in prayer’.



Photo taken a few weeks ago in Matsu Islands…

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