Christmas Eve @ Advent Church!

The highlight of Christmas Eve at St. John’s University every year is our Christmas Eve Service in Advent Church, well-attended by students, church members, local people and visitors ~ YES!

Last night the service started at 7:30pm, and we also had 2 baptisms  ~ a gorgeous 2-month-old baby, son of our lovely church members; and one of our SJU Student Fellowship students in his 4th and final year, who was supported by all the Student Fellowship.  We started the service in darkness, then with candles ~ BEAUTIFUL!  And we finished the service with rice porridge and birthday cake!

Thanking God for all our Christmas celebrations, for the newly-baptized, and for all those who were able to come to the service.  Earlier in the day we had been on our 4th and final Advent Walkabout around the SJU campus lighting all the candles on the Advent wreath in each office and singing ‘Silent Night’.  We’d also had a Student Fellowship Christmas Party – a non-stop day!

We thank God for all those in Taiwan who’ve heard the good news of Christmas in the last few weeks.  We uphold in prayer those who want to respond, but opposition from their families makes it difficult for them to do so ~ may the light of Christ shine in their lives and be a witness in their homes and families this Christmas!

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