Advent Church Centre Moving In Day!

Not just a day, more like Moving In Week with the students helping on Thursday…..

Then more students helping on Friday, and then on Saturday, anyone available was welcomed to Advent Church to sort out, clean up, throw out and move in!  Since the old kitchen was demolished and the construction started 2 years ago, all the kitchen stuff and musical instruments etc have been in storage in the back of the church during that time. The Sunday School and choir have also moved to the new centre.  On Saturday about 30 people turned up for a day of hard work in the hot sun.  This was the big move….

All I did was persuade people to smile and click away!  And then in the afternoon I went off to Taichung and left everyone to it.  They finished about 3-4 pm.  Everyone exhausted, but the new church centre looking good ~ go go go!

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