Good Shepherd Church, Taipei 牧愛堂 welcomes Rev. Keith C. C. Lee 李鎮丞牧師 as the new rector!

Another big day at Good Shepherd Church, Taipei!

Last Sunday, Good Shepherd Church said goodbye to Rev. Philip Lin 林立峯牧師 and his family as they moved to St. John’s Cathedral, Taipei, and now this Sunday, today, they say a big welcome to their new rector, Rev. Keith Lee 李鎮丞牧師!  Here he is, in the middle, after his 2 services today, still smiling!


Keith and his wife Sindy have 2 children, a son and a daughter, aged about 10 and 7, but as the Good Shepherd Rectory is having major repairs for the next few weeks, Keith is in Taipei on his own for the time being, while his family stay in Chiayi with Sindy’s parents until they can move in fully.

And as our very energetic and well-loved Chaplain to the English Congregation, Herbert Barker is still away on holiday, so Keith bravely gave his first ever English sermon today ~ and he did a great job!  Here he is in action!


Our beloved Rev. Michael Liou, who has been helping out at Good Shepherd over the last few months, was on hand to lead the 9:30 am English service and celebrated Holy Communion, training Keith well for the future.  Thank you Michael!

Keith preached and then celebrated Holy Communion at the 11:00 am Chinese service….

So I had a chance to hear the sermon twice today!  In it, Keith introduced himself to both congregations. He shared about his background, how he started off his ministry at St. John’s Cathedral and then Holy Trinity, Keelung as an evangelist.  Then for the last 12 years he has been in southern Taiwan, for 6 years at St. Peter’s Church, Chiayi, then 2½ years at St. Mark’s Church, Pingtung and St. Andrew’s Kindergarten, Jieding, and then for the last 3 years at Grace Church, Tainan.

Before all that, he studied for 7 years at Tainan Theological College, initially as a Presbyterian, but in his last 2 years there, he decided to pursue ordination in the Taiwan Episcopal Church.  And more recently he has just spent an amazing 3 months, from April to July visiting our wonderful companion diocese of Osaka, Japan, and learning lots about ministry there, and improving his Japanese language skills.  In fact, the congregation noted how Keith can now preach in 4 languages, Chinese, Taiwanese, English and Japanese, wonderful!

We were also pleased to welcome several visitors today, quite a few in the English service, and then in the Chinese service, we welcomed Mrs. Amy Chee, former choir director at Advent Church.  Her husband, Rev. David Chee was the former rector of Good Shepherd Church, so Amy was returning home.  Here she is in the middle, with a group of beautiful Good Shepherd ladies!


So a warm welcome for Keith at Good Shepherd Church!  Please pray for all the 6 clergy in the Taiwan Episcopal Church and their families who have started their new ministries today, and for the 6 churches welcoming the 6 new clergy!  All face many challenges ahead.  May God bless them and lead them, and may the Taiwan Episcopal Church continue to be a faithful witness to Christ throughout this nation and the world.

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