Congratulations to the Filipino Community in Tanzi, Taichung!

Celebrating the opening mass and blessing last Sunday, August 14, of the new Filipino R. C. Church in 台中市 潭子區 Tanzi, Taichung by 蘇耀文 主教 The Most Rev. Martin Yao-Wen Su, R. C. Bishop of Taichung.


Congratulations to my good friend, Fr. Joyalito ‘Joy’ Tajonera MM 陳智仁 神父 @ Ugnayan Migrants and Immigrant Ministry, and all the Filipino Community in Tanzi!

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Address: 台中市 潭子區 興華一路 300號 3樓 Taichung City, Tanzi District, Xing Hua First Road, No. 300, 3rd floor. Sunday Mass Times: 7:45am and 9:00am

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This is their fifth move to different rented accommodation since Fr. Joy started the migrant ministry in Tanzi in 2004. First they worshiped in a factory restaurant, then an apartment building, then a banquet hall, then a former department store. This new church building is a former movie theatre above a supermarket, now converted to a R. C. Church and the Ugnayan Migrant Center serving the Filipino community.


Thanks be to God, and please pray for Fr. Joy and all the Filipino Community in Tanzi!

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