Coffee Stand @ Good Shepherd Church, Taipei!

Actually Coffee Stand is 3 doors along from Good Shepherd Church, Taipei at 台北市士林區中正路519號 and stands out – of course for the coffee – but also because it is built into a half-demolished building. The building used to extend right up to level with the white line down the middle of the road in front, but 20 years ago the end of the building was removed to make way for the road. So the upstairs of the building has a half-demolished look about it, but hey, that’s the attraction!


Y’know, I’ve been walking past this building for years, and never noticed the upper floors before.  Check it out, it’s quite something!

Art in the Ruins! And of course very excellent coffee, and a very nice coffee man, and enough seats for only 6 people, but worth sitting down as the view is of the main road junction outside, and all the traffic whizzing past – but as it’s a little distance away, it’s not noisy, and it’s quite a place.

Must go, must see, must try the coffee!

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