A grey Mid-Autumn Moon Festival @ Keelung!

A grey grey day in Keelung, on Taiwan’s NE coast, as always!  Grey city, grey weather.  But particularly so today as the country surfaces after yesterday’s Typhoon Meranti, and prepares for tomorrow’s Typhoon Malakas.  We’re in a kind of typhoon-sandwich….


Today is Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, the first day of a 4-day holiday weekend, when the moon is supposedly at its best and brightest all year ha ha ~ no sign of any moon round here!  It’s grey grey grey with rain rain rain and more rain!


In Keelung today, my arrival coincided with the arrival of the huge Golden Princess Cruise Ship returning from a 5-day cruise to Japan….

img_8433 img_8435 img_8438

In fact the only major colour in Keelung was all the balloons on sale outside the famous temple!


Keelung outdoes itself for signs and billboards saying ‘Keelung’ or ‘I love Keelung’, including on the roadside electricity substations….


Hopefully the locals do love Keelung ~ even if they don’t love the Keelung weather!

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