Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Tseng ~ and all the Tseng family!

Last Sunday was an auspicious lucky day in the Chinese calendar, so there were lots of weddings being held all over Taiwan.  It was the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, Chongyang Festival, which is also Senior Citizens Day, so there were many activities going on for older people as well as weddings.

Mr. James Tseng works in our General Affairs Office at St. John’s University, after many years heading up the Student Recruitment Office, and last Sunday his elder son was getting married ~ and I was invited, yippee!


He told me this morning that on that day, early on Sunday morning, they were all up at 5:00 am, ready for leaving soon after 6:00 am. They had to get to the bride’s home on the dot at 7:30 am – exactly the right moment, very important in Chinese tradition.  After all the marriage customs and traditions were performed there, then they had to leave the bride’s home before 8:15 am, and be on their way again. Next stop was to get back here to the bridegroom’s home, where the groom’s father, Mr. Tseng had to present all the 12 members of the bride’s family with red envelopes.  All the wedding cars were on duty to make sure they arrived and left from each place exactly at the specified time.


I was invited to the wedding banquet at lunchtime, along with 240 others, that’s 24 tables, and what a great banquet it was!  We had course after course, all of delicious foods, and significantly in the middle came the Tang-Yuan, sweet round balls which signify wholeness and perfection in the marriage, and family togetherness.


Mr. Tseng’s younger son, Tom was one of my students some years ago, as he learned English to prepare him to study for a Masters Degree in Australia. He was also at the wedding banquet along with his girlfriend.  So good to see them!


The bride changed outfits several times, as is the custom. She looked stunning….


So, many many congratulations to the happy couple and to all the Tseng family!

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