St. John’s University 2016 Opening Service ~ At Last!

Yes, we’re very late ~ delayed by the typhoon! Every semester we have an opening service for St. John’s University, held in Advent Church, and always on the second Wednesday of the new term. But this year, the original date of Wednesday September 28 saw us hit by Typhoon Megi ~ all classes and work were cancelled.

So we had to reschedule, and after a delay of two weeks, the service was held this past week.  In the pouring rain of course!  It was the first opening service with our new acting chaplain, Rev. Wu Hsing-Hsiang, and with our new university president, Dr. Peter Herchang Ay.  The second half of the service was by candlelight, so it was especially meaningful, starting with Dr. Ay lighting his candle from the main candle, and then the candles of the faculty, followed by the students.  Our staff and student fellowship sang in a choir and did the readings and prayers, and the blessing was given by our former chaplain, Rev. Lennon Chang, who is now full-time at Advent Church.

Praying for God’s blessing on St. John’s University as we start our new school year!

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