Ah, a sunny day, at last!

Finally the rain has stopped, and yippee, today’s been bright and sunny ~ YES!  It started with an early morning rainbow over Sanzhi ~ I love rainbows.  I’m sure that’s my house at the end of the rainbow, but sadly there was no pot of gold waiting when I got home ha ha!


And then this afternoon, the whole world was out and about, mostly at the beach – or in the car driving to and from the beach.  You gotta have a lot of stamina to live in such a small country with so many people who all go out at the same time on the same roads!

This was Shimen Arch this afternoon, a natural stone arch right up near the northern tip of Taiwan, and Shimen Town…..


Y’know living in a major tourist area is fun ~ ‘n it only takes me 5 minutes on the bus to get there and back ~ whereas the poor people on their way back to Taipei tonight will take 2 or more hours.  Ah yes, I love Taiwan’s Northern Coast!

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