Advent Church Community English Class ~ ah, Monday afternoons are such fun!

Today was our get-together ‘Happy Ending’ lunch to mark the end of another wonderful semester of Community English Class at Advent Church ~ and what a great lunch it was! Thanks to all who came and all who worked so hard to make such delicious food!  Here we all are, including specially invited guests, Rev. Lennon Chang and his wife, and Mr. Jiang’s brother and his wife, who is the former minister at Sanzhi Presbyterian Church ~ but minus 3 of our regular group who didn’t quite get here in time for the group photo!


In case you’re wondering what goes on in our English classes ~ we have discussion on a topic and then Bible Story (currently working our way through Luke’s Gospel) for the first hour.  It’s a community class, and several of the students are unfamiliar with Bible stories, so one of our very lovely students who’s in our church choir spends a lot of her free time to get them involved – often in a dramatic presentation.  Then for the last 30 minutes we have a fun drama session, where students take responsibility for a week in turn – to set up a shop or beauty parlour or vet’s or doctor’s surgery.  Sometimes the grandchildren are even visiting from overseas and come along too ~ ah, it’s such a laugh!

img_5708 img_5709

Thanks to everyone for your support, and to all our group for their great enthusiasm and willing participation.  Please do keep us in your prayers ~ and now we’re looking forward to the next semester ~ YES!

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