Advent 2 @ St. John’s University 2016!

It’s the second week of Advent and so to our second walkabout today to all the offices and departments of St. John’s University to light the 2 candles on the Advent wreath, also to have a short Bible reading, sing a verse of ‘Joy to the World’ and wish everyone a Merry Christmas’, finishing at the President’s office this afternoon.  A few photos….

Happy Advent to you all!

2 thoughts on “Advent 2 @ St. John’s University 2016!”

  1. How wonderful to have fun and celebrate the joy of Christmas and share that joy with others. Our family went to the police department and sang Christmas carols to the individuals there. It was a blessing to us to see their faces. I am sure it is for you, too. What a clever idea for the advent!

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