St. James’ Preschool, Taichung ~ Christmas Show-Time!

And what a wonderful event it was!  As always, St. James’ Preschool / Kindergarten, Taichung put on a spectacular all-singing-all-dancing Christmas extravaganza for all the children to take part in ~ magical, and such fun!


Two long months of rehearsals for about 3 minutes of performance for each class, but it was oh, so worth it ~ the children were delightful, even the few who cried all the way through, or who stood motionless throughout ~ next year, they’ll be fine, honest!  Every ‘small’ class (aged 3-4) and ‘middle’ class (aged 4-5) performed to a song, and the older children in the ‘big’ classes (aged 5-6) had dramas to perform – we had the Christmas Nativity, the parable of the lost sheep, the wedding at Cana and a story about Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.  All beautifully introduced by Minnie Mouse and her friend in green, 2 of the teachers ~ ah, all of the teachers did such a great job!

At the beginning, we had a candlelit procession from some of the teachers, then Bible readings and prayers, and sharing time from Rev. Lily Chang and others.


The teachers also performed their own dance at the end ~ I used to have to join in that dance, and, well, let’s say it was never my favorite activity ha ha!


A few highlights ~ the funniest was definitely the wedding at Cana with their big plastic bottles full of wine….


The bravest and most moving was the angel telling Mary she was going to have a baby…


And the cutest was definitely the little lost sheep – he stole the show, he was such a natural on the stage!


And special mention must go to the noisiest and loudest and most dramatic first little pig, Teacher Yasmin who ran screaming around the stage several times thinking the big bad wolf was coming to get her, then joined by pigs no. 2 and 3 ~ only to find out that the big bad wolf turned out to be Father Christmas after all!



So congratulations to all at St. James on yesterday’s really great Christmas Show!

And Merry Christmas to all at St. James, and to you all, of course!

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