Taiwan Episcopal Church Clergy Families Christmas Gathering 2016!

Today the clergy of the Taiwan Episcopal Church and their families gathered at St. James’ Church, Taichung to celebrate Christmas together – with a very special Thanksgiving Service led by Bishop Lai and the rector of St. James’ Church, Rev. Lily Chang, and followed by a fantastic lunch ~ joined too by the wonderful folk of St. James.  The clergy came from all corners of the country, with an early start for many.  Me too.  But it was well worth it ~ so great to see everyone again!


It is St. Stephen’s Day, and the church was red.  Very red.  I love red!  We were honoured to welcome Rev. William Vun to preach a very lively and challenging sermon, he spoke in English and one of his colleagues translated, and at the end of the service we had time for some Q & A too.  The two of them worked as a real team, speaking and translating so smoothly together!

Pastor Vun is the senior pastor of Glory Christian Centre in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, E. Malaysia, and he and his family have come to Taiwan for a few days post-Christmas break, so Bishop Lai invited him to preach at the service.   His translator is also currently in Taiwan with his wife, so they joined us too.  30 years ago, Pastor Vun came from Sabah to spend some time in Taiwan learning Chinese and he stayed at St. James’ Church ~ and became good friends with Rev. Charles C. T. Chen.  So today was a big reunion for them and their families – here they all are!


A few photos of the service, and with our youngest and very beautiful clergy baby!

And after the service, we had a very yummy delicious lunch at a nearby Japanese restaurant, seated on 6 tables….

A wonderful day of renewing friendships and enjoying worship, fellowship and food together ~ a blessed Christmas to you all!

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