Happy Year of the Rooster ~ Taiwan’s Lantern Festival 2017 @ Yunlin!

A few photos from Taiwan’s Lantern Festival, held over the last 8 days or so in Yunlin ~ me and my good friend Ah-Guan went on Saturday night!

What a masterpiece of organization by the local government ~ with a steady stream of free coaches transporting thousands of us from Douliu Train Station to the main site at Huwei, with a special designated lane on the main road so the hundreds of coaches had a clear run.  Police, workers and volunteers by the thousand to keep us all on the straight and narrow.  And free food and all sorts of free souvenirs!

Zillions of lanterns of every shape and size, and lots of roosters and chickens and eggs of course, plus zillions of people too, also of every shape and size – and age, from small babies to great grandmothers!

The religious section had lanterns of Jesus and the pope, and a united outreach by Yunlin Churches had set up a chapel where there were all sorts of activities going on.  Far too many lanterns to photograph all, but hey, there was definitely something for everyone!

The main rooster lantern was massive, and put on it’s display every 30 minutes – this is the first minute of the 7:00 pm show…

A great evening – and now sadly, all over for another year!

So, Happy Year of the Rooster everyone!

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