Happy Birthday Tan Baba ~ 97 or 98 or even 99?

Yes, big celebrations last night for Tan Baba’s birthday and I was invited too, yippee!  All the Tan family were there, plus lots of friends from far and wide.  The Tan family are members of Advent Church, ah, we all love them so much ~ and unlike other elderly people who go to bed early, Tan Mama and Tan Baba live life more like teenagers, often going to bed after midnight, so an evening birthday party just suited them fine!

And so we had a wonderful meal, cooked by all the different family members – and then the important question came with the birthday cake candles – exactly what birthday was Tan Baba celebrating?  He maintained he was now 99.  Chinese custom says 98, and western custom says 97.  Wisely the family had bought a cake with 2 candles, a ‘9’ and a ‘?’ so we could all celebrate whatever age we liked!

Whatever age, Happy Birthday Tan Baba ~ and many congratulations!

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