St. John’s University Graduation 2017!

Yes, this past week has been the final week for our final year students ~ congratulations to them all!

Last Thursday night, our student fellowship had a big farewell event for the 7 student fellowship members who are graduating.  We all wore masks!  Of the 7 students, 3 of the boys are student fellowship leaders, Pi-pi is last year’s chairperson, and En-Zhe and Bin-Huan also assist in the leadership ~ and all 3 are very much part of the praise and worship team.  Their gift to the student fellowship was to publish a praise and worship book of favorite songs – some of which they had written themselves.  Here’s the 7, with the chaplaincy team…. see they are all very smartly dressed, the boys in suits!

And here is everyone, with and without masks!

Then yesterday was the actual graduation ceremony.  The St. John’s University 50th anniversary too.  Flowers and graduation gifts were on sale from early morning….

Here’s our team getting ready……

Our current student fellowship leader, Vincy carried the SJU banner at the head of the procession into the auditorium, and the 3 boys carried the cross and the candles.  Bishop Lai came too.

SJU President Peter Herchang Ay led the faculty procession. It is his first graduation ceremony as president.

It was hot.  Very hot.  The AC broke down.   But hey, everyone was happy!

Afterwards, the student fellowship all gathered in Advent Church for photos….

This is not an easy photo to take!  This is me (and En-Zhe’s father) taking the photo ha ha!

And this one was even more of a difficult angle!

Ah, it was a great day!  So so so many many congratulations to all our students on their graduation – and best wishes for the future!

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