Advent Word 2018, Day 1 ‘Journey 旅程’

Happy Advent Sunday! #Advent Word #Journey #旅程

Advent Word Global Advent Calendar 2018 starts today – a project of the Anglican Communion originally started in Advent 2014 by the Society of Saint John the Evangelist Brothers SSJE in USA, then expanded to include Virginia Theological Seminary VTS, and now run by VTS. Each day there is a theme word and meditation. My AdventWord photo each day will link to the theme.  This Advent, all my photos will be chosen from among those I took on my visit to Holy Island, Lindisfarne from October 29 – November 3 (see that blog post here).  The meditations are those supplied by Advent Word (see their website here), and I will publish in Mandarin Chinese and English.

Today’s Advent Word theme is JOURNEY.  Today’s photo shows the iconic pilgrim’s path across the sands at low tide leading from the mainland to Holy Island, marked by a line of vertical poles.


暫停下來並想像一個沒有Google地圖的世界—一個旅程中充滿冒險與機會的世界。這條路線難以決定;也有可能轉錯彎。然而每個轉彎都能開啟新視野,並結識在路上遇見的陌生人而成為朋友。暫停下來,並思考這段人生旅程所包含的危險和機會。暫停下來,並記住上帝是我們這段旅程的同伴,無路是喜悅或悲傷的時刻。我們今天一起祈禱,就如同詩篇裡所說的: 「耶和華阿,求你將你的道指示我。」

Pause and imagine a world without Google maps–a world where journeys carry both risk and opportunity. The route is difficult to determine; wrong turns are inevitable. Yet every turn of such a journey opens new horizons and strangers met along the way may become friends. Pause the journey of life. Pause and remember that God is our companion on this journey–present in the moments of pain and of joy. With the Psalmist, let us pray today: “Show me your ways, O Lord.”

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