Advent Word 2018, Day 4 ‘Night 夜晚’

#AdventWord #Night #夜晚


Nighttime of the soul is not an easy place to find oneself. It can seem desolate, but it need not be lonely. Long ago, before you encountered your few (or many) difficult nights, the Psalmist predicted this modern experience: “every night I drench my bed with tears.” So, do not turn away from the truth encountered at night. But make space for the light of Christ to dispel the darkness once again.


In 651, on the night that Aidan died, Cuthbert heard God’s call as he tended sheep in the hills.  He became a monk at Melrose, and eventually came to Lindisfarne as Prior in 664.  During his 12 years as Prior, he regularly went for solitude to the small islet west of the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, and then for 9 years lived as a hermit on Inner Farne Island.  The small islet west of Lindisfarne is now known as St. Cuthbert’s Isle (seen in the photo, taken just after sunset), and is accessible on foot at low tide.

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