Advent Word 2018, Day 11 ‘Rough 粗糙’

#AdventWord #Rough #粗糙


Luke the Gospel writer, quoting John the Baptizer quoting Isaiah the Prophet, proclaims that the “rough ways will be made smooth” in preparation for the coming of God. This message, passed down through the ages, now comes to us and we are called to the task of making smooth. Harsh words, sharp elbows, and uneven temperaments are challenges to harmonious relationships, human and divine. Refinement is the process of making smooth and we are called to this work by the One who lovingly refines us. Pass it on.


The local herring industry was at its peak on Holy Island during the second half of the 19th century, when there were 30+ herring boats, and the herring were smoked and preserved onshore.  These days, the fishing industry is much smaller, just a handful of small boats catching mainly lobsters and crab. The old herring boats have been upturned, coated in tar, and are now used by local fishermen as storage sheds.  The sheds are almost iconic, architecturally and culturally ‘rough diamonds’ but lovingly restored and maintained.  Recycling at its best.  On one of them is the sign, ‘An old fisherman and the catch of his life live here’.  Yes, we are called to the task of making the rough ways smooth.  Today.

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