Advent Word 2018, Day 12 ‘Smooth 平坦’

#AdventWord #Smooth #平坦


We envision with John the Baptist a great day of leveling for all creation. Making the way smooth for all to have access to the liberating life of God requires removing every obstacle we have constructed that blocks the path of grace. We persevere as we face the Caesars of the world for our hope is in the One who has already made the way smooth, Jesus the Christ.


Fire escape on the side of Marygate House, Holy Island, Lindisfarne.  Many visitors and pilgrims come to Holy Island today to escape from their everyday lives, even if just for a few hours. Making the way smooth may well involve a time of escape.  The obstacles blocking our path of grace are many.  We need a chance to reflect.  A place to lay aside our concerns.  A time to be, and to pray.  The liberating life of God is on offer to all.

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