Advent Word 2019, Day 4 ‘Humble’

#AdventWord #Humble

“…do justice…love kindness…walk humbly with your God.” These words from the prophet Micah stand in contrast to the ways of the world, where power and self-importance reign, and humility is seen as weakness. As followers of Jesus we are called to lives of humble service, letting go of ego in order to care for the oppressed, love our enemies, and share Christ’s peace with all.

The Rev. Canon Loren Lasch (VTS ’08) is the Diocese of Missouri Canon for Formation and the president of the VTS Alumni Association Executive Committee.

The Celtic Cross in St Aidan’s Chapel at Bradford Cathedral depicts people of all times and places in their pilgrimage towards God.

3 thoughts on “Advent Word 2019, Day 4 ‘Humble’”

  1. Dear Catherine,Really enjoying your Advent postings.  it is so good to have something to look at as well as read.Love,Sarah

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