Advent Word 2020, Day 19 ‘Learn’

#AdventWord #Learn

Love comes easy at Christmas, in the story of the birth of a vulnerable baby Jesus. It’s a good place to start, with Jesus, but there is more to know. The Jesus of the Gospels often challenges, standing in defiance of a world which refused to know him. And Jesus also challenges us today. As his disciples, we learn all we can, keeping our hearts open to the Jesus we find in scripture but also open to the Jesus who calls us to learn to love as he did. The “Way of Love” is to LEARN to love as boldly as Jesus.

‘Learning to Love’: Advent Communion Service for the international students from Uganda and Eswatini (Swaziland) studying at Chung Chou University of Science & Technology 中州科技大學, Yuanlin 員林市, central Taiwan, led by Rev. Simon T. S. Tsou, December 7, 2020

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