My Advent Calendar 2021: Day 2 🌟🎄🔔

#MyAdventCalendar2021 #Day2: This is Jia-Wei 嘉偉 from Hong Kong, one of our students at St. John’s University, now in his third year studying Computer Science & Information Engineering. In his first year he joined our student fellowship and is now on the leadership team, in charge of fun activities like games ~ he’s very talented, and a real blessing to us all!

Jia-Wei is the only son in his family, and his parents and grandparents are all followers of traditional Chinese folk religion. He would dearly love to be baptized this Christmas Eve, but he needs courage to first talk to his parents and grandparents about his decision. Please pray for him – and his family!

2 thoughts on “My Advent Calendar 2021: Day 2 🌟🎄🔔”

  1. How wonderfully refreshing your Advent Calendar is, Catherine ! Such a relief from “advent calendars I have known ! ” I think often of Taiwan and of Hong Kong, praying that their future as places of freedom may be safeguarded….

    May your Advent be joyful and full of hope.


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