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Late-Night Christmas Shopping @ Sedbergh

Every year at the beginning of December, a grand evening is held here in Sedbergh, Cumbria for the official launch of Christmas season, and last night was THE night!  All the shops stayed open till 8:00pm or later serving mulled wine, mince pies, sweets and chocolates, many offering discounts to encourage us all to do our Christmas shopping….

At 6:00pm the church bells started ringing and Father Christmas came along Sedbergh Main Street in the Sedbergh Fire Engine, preceded by the Town Crier ringing his bell, then the Sedbergh Gala Queen switched on the Christmas lights, and the evening was well and truly launched!

Sedbergh Church is hosting a flower festival all week with displays from all the main organizations in the town and surrounding villages, and there was an organ recital, carol singers, a one-woman-band, the town band, bagpipe band, a climbing wall for children, and more besides. Everyone was there, shopping, eating, drinking and enjoying themselves.  The temperatures were below freezing but with all that mulled wine, well everyone was all warmed up, me too ~ there was even Howgill Fells ice-cream on sale, I recommend ginger and lime for a freezing cold night!

A wonderfully English event.  By now I’m more used to life in Taiwan, where it would be unthinkable for any shop NOT to be open in the evenings ~ closing even at 8:00pm is way too early. Which is why Taiwanese who’ve been to the UK always ask me what English people do in the evenings.  Ha ha, I wonder that sometimes too, but now at least I know what the whole town of Sedbergh was up to last night!

Sedbergh Church Christmas Fair :) ^_^ (:

Yippee, Christmas is coming and I love Christmas!  A bit early I know, but hey, gotta be ready!

Yesterday was the Christmas Fair at St. Andrew’s Church, Sedbergh and of course along I went ~ what fun!  Met lots of people I knew (including Father Christmas himself) and lots I didn’t and of course always lots of interesting things to see and do and buy.  Guess the Teddy’s birthday, Guess the Weight of the Cake, listen to the brass band, shop shop and shop, but the highlight, so everyone says is always the lunch, especially the puddings, and yep I agree!

Great way to launch into the Christmas season, and thanks to all those who put in all the hard work to make it such a fun day!

CMS Link Church Visit #1 ~ Sedbergh ~ YES!

My first official CMS Link Visit yesterday, starting at St. Andrew’s Church, Sedbergh, Cumbria ~ yippee!

The first of many link visits this Home Leave, a few before Christmas and many after….

Sedbergh is kind of my home base, so the visit is kind of spread out and kind of started unofficially in the summer when I happened in on a mission coffee morning in Sedbergh URC Church in aid of CMS… and then continued yesterday when I spoke at the main Sunday morning service, and to be continued further with a ppt and coffee event in a few weeks time….

Last time I was here, the church was in the Diocese of Bradford ~ now it’s moved to the Diocese of Carlisle, got a lovely new vicar too ~ and the church members still warmly remember the visit from Taiwan of Bishop David J. H. Lai and Lily, and Rev. Charles C. T. Chen and MaryJo in 2008 just before the Lambeth Conference, when Charles described Sedbergh as ‘paradise’ ~ yes indeed, paradise!

Ah yes, first the coffee morning photos….

And so to yesterday’s service….

Just wonderful people, the salt of the earth, truly!  Thank you everyone for your warm welcome, your prayers and your support, all much appreciated.  Paradise indeed!

The Howgill Fells ~ in all their glory!

wpid-wp-1414594706766.pngYesterday was the best weather of the whole year ~ one solitary day of warm sunshine and little wind sandwiched between days of mild but wet and windy weather on either side – for one day, it was just wonderful! Frosty early in the morning, the first frost of the autumn – but then the sun came out, and yippee, time to go out!

So what better than a few hours on the top of the Howgill Fells, up above Sedbergh… beautiful!

It was Wainwright who described them as looking like a whole herd of sleeping elephants, and yep, that more or less sums ’em up!

Up to Winder, then Arant Haw, then Calders, then to the highest point The Calf at 676m…. and all the way back again… saw the fell ponies, a few sheep and lots of people enjoying half term!  And of course stunning scenery of the Lake District, Morecambe Bay, the Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales….

Do check out these articles about the Howgills from the Guardian and My Pennines……

And then come and visit!

A Summer in Sedbergh….

A Summer in Sedbergh – and quite some summer!  Tourists galore soaking up the sunshine, browsing in the bookshops and hiking up the Howgills, while the locals are enjoying the summer weather walking their dogs, and smiling at increased trade in the town…

Meanwhile I’m busy sorting, clearing, packing and driving up almost daily to the Sedbergh Charity Shop to offload box after box of all sorts of wonderful stuff, now all on display inside the shop and outside on the street.  If you’re up this way, do come and check it all out – there’s some great bargains on offer!  The not-so-wonderful things are now all crammed into the recycling bins, also in Sedbergh, and the rest – the rubbish, well, that’s all piled high in the dustbins kindly lent to us by our lovely neighbours.  And lovely neighbours they all are, full of encouragement and support when we need it most.  And all of them full of praise for our newly cleaned-out and almost empty garage!

So far, 9 full-carloads of stuff sent to charity and/or recycling, and more to go, yippee!

Yep, the people are great, and Sedbergh is beautiful, especially on a sunny day!  Notice photos of our other neighbours, the cows and sheep, who keep us entertained with all their escapades in the field across the road…

At Bishop Lai’s request, to share with his Quaker friends in Taiwan, I’ve been to check out the history of the Quakers, who kind of started in this area around Sedbergh…

Fox’s Pulpit on Firbank Fell, where George Fox preached to the multitudes in 1652 is very important in their history….

As is Brigflatts, the second-oldest Quaker Meeting House in the country… wow, what history!

Thanks for all your prayers and support, so far so good, and it’s all happening!