The Howgill Fells ~ in all their glory!

wpid-wp-1414594706766.pngYesterday was the best weather of the whole year ~ one solitary day of warm sunshine and little wind sandwiched between days of mild but wet and windy weather on either side – for one day, it was just wonderful! Frosty early in the morning, the first frost of the autumn – but then the sun came out, and yippee, time to go out!

So what better than a few hours on the top of the Howgill Fells, up above Sedbergh… beautiful!

It was Wainwright who described them as looking like a whole herd of sleeping elephants, and yep, that more or less sums ’em up!

Up to Winder, then Arant Haw, then Calders, then to the highest point The Calf at 676m…. and all the way back again… saw the fell ponies, a few sheep and lots of people enjoying half term!  And of course stunning scenery of the Lake District, Morecambe Bay, the Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales….

Do check out these articles about the Howgills from the Guardian and My Pennines……

And then come and visit!

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