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Christina and Matisse are here, definitely here!

Well it was definitely quite a week!  Accompanied Christina and Matisse on their first few days in Taiwan, firstly in Taichung at St. James’ Church and Preschool ~ where amazing welcomes awaited them, St. James at its best!

And then to Taipei for a nonstop 2 days, accompanied by student Jenny…

Friday ~ St. John’s University, Beitou Hot Springs, Taipei 101, tea with Bishop Lai, Tamsui Old Street for massage and ice-cream…

Saturday ~ swimming in the sea at Baishawan, Taipei City – Presidential Palace, C.K.S. Memorial for Changing of the Guard Ceremony, shopping at Ximending, National Palace Museum and Shilin Night Market…

All 4 of us exhausted ha ha – these girls don’t half have some stamina ~ hot springs, swimming in the sea, massage and tons of walking, oh yes and posing for photos!

Now they’re back in Taichung ~ and I’m back in Taipei…. enjoy your stay Christina and Matisse!

Fish ‘n Chips in Tamsui… yep, the real thing!

Launching a restaurant selling ‘Traditional British Food’ right in the heart of a culture where food is the ultimate obsession is not for the faint-hearted…. but this is it!

Tamsui’s 英國奶奶 Britshake restaurant, run by Amy and her husband is really a brave venture, but of course the food is great and Amy charms everyone by her vibrant and lively personality, so there’s queues of satisfied customers lining up for photos with her….

Amy comes from Lincoln in England and with her Taiwanese husband is determined to change Taiwanese perceptions of British food.  So armed with chef qualifications and plenty of experience, determination and friendliness, she has set up in the middle of Tamsui’s main shopping street where the evenings are buzzing with life and activity….

Fish ‘n Chips, Fish Pie, Cottage Pie are the 3 main dishes, plus milkshakes, potatoes, soups and teas…. all made in true English style…

Last night I took Louise (who’s actually Canadian, but close!) for Fish ‘n Chips, and she found one of her students working there – so there were plenty of photos ha ha!

A tiny restaurant with a great heart and wonderful atmosphere, and of course – excellent food ~ and if you’re in the area, do go and visit!