Christina and Matisse are here, definitely here!

Well it was definitely quite a week!  Accompanied Christina and Matisse on their first few days in Taiwan, firstly in Taichung at St. James’ Church and Preschool ~ where amazing welcomes awaited them, St. James at its best!

And then to Taipei for a nonstop 2 days, accompanied by student Jenny…

Friday ~ St. John’s University, Beitou Hot Springs, Taipei 101, tea with Bishop Lai, Tamsui Old Street for massage and ice-cream…

Saturday ~ swimming in the sea at Baishawan, Taipei City – Presidential Palace, C.K.S. Memorial for Changing of the Guard Ceremony, shopping at Ximending, National Palace Museum and Shilin Night Market…

All 4 of us exhausted ha ha – these girls don’t half have some stamina ~ hot springs, swimming in the sea, massage and tons of walking, oh yes and posing for photos!

Now they’re back in Taichung ~ and I’m back in Taipei…. enjoy your stay Christina and Matisse!

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