Taipei Welcomes 2014!

And for the first time ever, I was there ~ and not just watching from a distance, but right in there among the zillions of people who had come to watch the show at Taipei City Hall and Taipei 101 ~ YES!

And it was WONDERFUL!  AMAZING! SPECTACULAR! INCREDIBLE!  All worth every minute – and yep there were plenty of minutes to wait until midnight, in fact the show went from before 7:00pm until 1:00am ~  but I had a grand viewing platform, clinging to a large bush growing on a raised flowerbed ha ha!

The Taipei City Government and the police and all the organizers did a great job with generally everything….

The event was sponsored by hTC (‘happy Taiwan Celebrates’ and ‘happy Taipei City’) and NUSKIN (‘Happy NU Year’) and we had Spiderman as the star to laser the start of the fireworks…

Performance after performance of every major music star, oh yes and a link with Japan and performance of theirs too ~ then we even had some swahili (Hakuna matata) and scenes of the African bush ~ and an appearance of famous (and conveniently handsome) baseball heroes, plus the mayor of Taipei in his baseball kit.  Ah yes, and the president came in time for the fireworks – after which we had an hour of S. H. E., one of Taiwan’s most famous girl bands…

And not to be forgotten, a broadcast wedding proposal from a couple in the crowd in the middle of it all…

And hope you catch ‘Believe in Jesus and receive eternal life’, among other things on banners being waved in front of Taipei 101!

Taipei Times article on the event here….

Happy New Year everyone, wishing you a wonderful start to 2014!

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