Paper Embroidery Art Exhibition Opening Day!

St. John’s University is hosting an exhibition of Paper Embroidery Art, in association with our neighbouring junior-high school – and yesterday was the grand opening YA!

Really quite amazing stuff!  A traditional Chinese handicraft, using parchment (like thick tracing paper)…. and leading expert is Ms. Shen Hai-Rong 沈海蓉 who also happens to be famous in Taiwan for her acting roles in Chinese drama, and now devotes her time to teaching this craft to our local children, along with her team of teachers – they all came along yesterday, pupils and teachers – to show us and teach us how to do it ourselves.

This kind of craft is small and fiddly, demands a lot of concentration, and hands ache by the end ha ha!  But it’s fun and, well, the end result is of course quite beautiful!

And the pink orchids?  Well, they were a gift from SJU chaplaincy and Advent Church to offer our congratulations to the school on the opening of this wonderful exhibition!

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