Preparing for the House of Bishops…. busy busy busy!

September is fast approaching, the month when the Diocese of Taiwan hosts the Episcopal Church House of Bishops Autumn Meeting ~ so our 2 great friends, Canon Peter Ng and Lori Ionnitiu from New York have been here all this week in preparation…

Hence visits to 4 churches in the diocese to see how preparations are coming along for the visit of the bishops and spouses….

St. James’ Church, Taichung (plus a tour of the Art Museum) ~ St. John’s University and Advent Church (and visit to the construction site) ~ Good Shepherd Church, Taipei ~ Trinity Church and St. Stephen’s Church, Keelung in that order ~ finishing with a farewell dinner last night hosted by Rev. Michael Liou…

What a great week, but there’s still lots to do ~ please pray for us all!

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