The Episcopal Church House of Bishops @ Taiwan ~ Sunday Worship

Purple and pink everywhere today!  And lots of other colours besides, just look at the lovely spouses from Panama in the photo below…. and check out the bishop and spouse with matching purple and black outfit!

3 choices of churches on offer for our bishops and spouses to join the Sunday worship today, St. John’s Cathedral, Good Shepherd Church or Advent Church ~ and guess what, I was on the trip to Advent Church ~ yippee!

Beautiful service as always, great sermon from Bishop Diane Jardine Bruce, then a buffet lunch, and back to the Grand Hotel – well before the deadline, and just in time to get out to the way of the typhoon which is barreling towards Taipei…

And then after that, what next? Well somehow found myself accompanying Mary, one of the lovely spouses (OK, not just ONE of the lovely spouses, but THE lovely spouse from Upper South Carolina!) to a specially arranged children’s Suzuki recorder concert given in her honour…. y’know, it was really quite something!  Right in the depths of deepest Taipei, down some dark alley and stairs to the basement of an apartment block – and there’s all these great kids learning recorder to the Suzuki Method…. Amazing!

Seems you really never quite know where you’re gonna end up on a Sunday afternoon round here – and in a typhoon too!

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