The Episcopal Church House of Bishops @ Taiwan – Meetings Day (oh, and a little shopping too!)

Just as well it was meetings all day for the bishops as the typhoon rains moved over and eventually out…. now all gone, yippee!

After their Eucharist, the bishops had sessions in the morning from archbishops from Japan, Philippines and South Korea, and more meetings in the afternoon ~ while we set up our shop selling the HOB group photos, Taiwan 60th anniversary polo shirts, Chinese Bibles and tea…. so even the bishops could fit a little shopping into their busy day…..

Meanwhile the spouses were free for the day and many of them went, well, yes, you’ve guessed it – shopping!

And we were glad to have Rev. C. C. Cheng from St. Mark’s Church, Pingtung who came along to help us – and guess what? His church of St. Mark’s was built with a donation from Trinity Church (Cathedral) in guess where?  Yep, the Diocese of Upper South Carolina no less – so there were more photos for Bishop Andrew Waldo and his wife to pose for…. y’know, so far not a single bishop or spouse has refused to smile when I point a camera in their direction, I’m sooooo happy! 🙂

You can see from the smiling faces that hey, bishops meetings are maybe not so bad after all, especially with a little retail therapy in the middle to help things along!

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