Off to London :) !

It’s Wednesday October 1, 7:00am and I’m sitting in Taoyuan Int’l Airport, Taipei awaiting my EVA Airlines flight to London Heathrow via Bangkok…..

The first day of my 7 months home leave ~ YES!


Sad to say goodbye to Taiwan and all my wonderful friends ~ but happy to be off to the UK and reconnect with all my CMS Link Churches, friends and family…. see y’all soon!

2 thoughts on “Off to London :) !”

  1. Have a good flight. Do let us know when you’d like to come here for a visit. We’re due to be away 20th Oct to Nov 10th, mostly with Sarah in Caernarfon, N Wales. – or you could join us there for some R&R ? ! Grandson Daniel has a car for sale for less than £1000, if you’re interested.

    Lots of love Sal & John.

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