CMS Link Visit to Sandal Parish, Wakefield

A whole weekend at one of my favourite CMS Link Churches, the parish of Sandal Magna, which includes St. Helen’s Church in Sandal, St. Paul’s Church in Walton and Portobello ~ all now in the brand-new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales

St. Helen’s Church has just opened a brand-new Tree of Life Memorial Garden, definitely worth checking out!

It being the 5th Sunday of the month, there was one joint service for everyone, held at St. Paul’s Church, Walton – and as it was Advent Sunday too, it was of course all extra-special. A beautiful service, full church, lots of children, Tearcraft ‘Created‘ stall and all followed by pie and peas lunch ~ and lots of reunions of lovely people who have been supporting me for many years!

Thanks to the vicar, Rupert and Sally and everyone for such a warm welcome – and all the fun too, smiles everywhere!

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